Casino games are played physically in brick and mortar casinos. Such casinos still exist however players are changing their mind sets towards gambling because they like easily accessible casinos. Gambling enthusiasts wish to bet more and win more. Hence, they are reluctant to wait for the occasion when they visit the casino. Instead they are finding comfort to play from home through virtual casinos. Everything remains same but, chances to win may increase as there are more opportunities to play. This concept of playing gambling games through internet is known as online casino or virtual casino. It enables the players to play from home through internet and referred as virtual game because interaction and transaction takes place through internet. There are many online gambling websites evolving for new generation players. This method of gambling has many advantages over physical casinos as they are convenient to access, easy to play, reliable and safe. Many online casinos purchase or lease the software from Microgaming, Cryptologic incorporation, Playtech, International gaming technology and Realtime gaming. These gaming websites are audited by the casino authorities regularly for general security checks. Quality checks are conducted to improve the quality or to issue quit order if online casino quality is below the scope of improvement.

The online casinos are categorized into two such as web based online casinos and download based online casinos. The classification is based on the interface. Some casinos agree for both the interfaces where as some casinos go for single interface. The web based casinos offer the player to play Online Casino Games without downloading the games to the local computer. In this case the computer should allow few browser plugins such as Macromedia flash, Java or Macromedia shockwave. The bandwidth should be supportive to play all animations and graphics in the game. Some web based casinos allow games to play through HTML interface. The apple devices don’t support the flash games. The virtual casino games are dependent on the data generated by PRNG. The PRNGs use mathematical protocols known as algorithms. The typical online casino games are baccarat, craps, poker, keno, bingo, slot machines, roulette, and blackjack and sic bo. Most of the online casino games are played on the bonus points. Some of the bonuses are welcome bonus; cash back bonus, insurance bonus, referral bonus and no deposit bonus.

Advantages of online casino games

Apart from easy accessibility, high scope for bonus and simplicity the online casino games also carry many more advantages. Playing through online casinos helps the player to record the whole session, which can be replayed in case of loss of power. The player can test drive all the games. Here there is no obligation to play the game with actual money. Numerous leisure activities can be enjoyed at player’s wish. There is a wide range of games and available at player’s wish. There are lesser disturbances for the player. Other members in the family too can join the gaming fun. The personal identification card is not required to get the winning money. It gives different environment and experience for each player. Compared to physical casinos game diversity is more in online casinos. The player needs only internet connection and few plugins to stay connected with the gambling games. Establishing the support for the local computer is one time job and any number of games can be downloaded or played directly from the website with the help of these plugins. Distraction from strangers and noise can be avoided because the player needs to concentrate on gaming strategies. This is far safe than handing over the winning cash to the cashier as it happens in physical casinos.

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